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The Pokemon I've trained in White 2

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This is a list of all the Pokemon I've competitively EV trained in White 2. Spoiler tag because the list is seriously long. Like, ridiculously so.

So yeah....

That's A LOT of Pokemon.

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  1. Silktree's Avatar
    What's your playtime?
  2. Envoy's Avatar
    459:16, according to my game.
  3. Codface's Avatar
    I got over 700 hours and have IV bred/EV trained around 60-70 fully evolved pokemon. You must none stop EV train to have that many. Do you bother with IV breeding or just bring them over RNG from other games?

    I spent alot of my time trying for perfect/shiny eggs and messing about with builds on the PWT and would have many more if I didnt do those things.

    I really like any pokemon that doesnt just have 4 attack moves and 252 atk(satk)/spd. What would you say the most fun pokemon just for making fun of pwt or the elite 4?
  4. Envoy's Avatar
    I don't bother with IV's, honestly. If I get a good set up (like my Yanmega,) then I'm happy, but honestly, IV breeding is too much work for me. I also don't really care for shiny Pokemon. Most of the shiny sprites don't look that great to me.

    Furthermore, I haven't leveled everyone up to 100 yet. I mostly just EV them, raise them until they evolve/get all the moves they need, and then dump them in the box. I've only raised my absolute favorites to level 100.

    Not to mention that EV training is easy when you have the Power Items and Pokerus. It takes less than an hour (~30 battles against wild Pokemon) to fully EV train a single Pokemon. Breeding for Egg Moves is more time consuming (as is getting the funds to be able to purchase the Vitamins.)

    I did once defeat the Elite Four with a team of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu. That was incredibly fun for me.
  5. Codface's Avatar
    Yer some ivs are easy. Atk/spd is fast as can pwn purrlions/patrats. Hp is pain if no sewer water for grimers.

    Noticed no medicham on your list. Thats one of my favourites to iv train since pure power rocks with high atk iv plus ofc high jump kick. Defo one to try out especailly fun for pwt fighting only tourd .
  6. SharKing's Avatar
    @Codface; You're talking about EVs. IVs are a different sort of stat modifier, a more permanent kind.
  7. Codface's Avatar
    Ups yes sorry typo...I do know about iv-evs honest....:-P


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