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Is it just me or...

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Are people not quite as excited for these games as they've been for others? I mean, I've witnessed far fewer fangasms and ORAS induced heart attacks than, say, when HGSS was announced, or even BW2.

Shouldn't everyone be more....I dunno....cray cray about these games?

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  1. Analytic Magnezone's Avatar
    I dunno, I'm looking forward to finally playing Hoenn, but I just don't post about stuff 10573058730457 times. I actually feel like saying I'm looking forward to it is getting a bit old, I've said it like 5 times already.
  2. Me Gusta's Avatar
    I went crazy, but tha's because I always do when something like a new video game in a series I like is annouced. I got excited when they annouced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare as well, because Call of duty is one of my favorite video games series.
  3. Reila's Avatar
    Go on tumblr. Peopre are going nuts there. Personally, I am much more excited about ORAS than I was about the previous remakes, as well as B2W2. RS were the first Pokémon games to be truly memorable in almost every way to me, so the idea of playing through these games in 3D is extremely exciting.
  4. Hidden Mew's Avatar
    I've seen plenty of excitement for these remakes here and a couple of other sites. Personally, I was way more excited about HG/SS, but that was due to how Silver was my first Pokemon game ever. So, I have more of a personal connection to those remakes than these, but I'm still excited about them and really eager to explore Hoenn again with 3DS graphics.
  5. Phoenixon's Avatar
    I'd say people are MORE excited than they should be considering we only just know the names of the games and the boxart.
    Also, people are posting on the Hoenn Confirmed sub-forum literally every minute. I'd say that means they're excited.
  6. Lysandre's Avatar
    If anything, it's probably due to the fact that Gen 3 has always been compatible (technically, though in a very roundabout way) with the current Pokemon stats system and FRLG/HGSS were not. However, I've actually been seeing MORE hype for it than the other two, though that may just be in my own personal experience alone.
  7. Ange's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Reila
    Go on tumblr. Peopre are going nuts there.
    People go nuts about absolutely everything on Tumblr, so no real surprise there.
  8. Solayoh's Avatar
    I agree with the OP, people are happy theres a new pokemon game, and probably some excited but this is nothing compared to the Euphoria over HGSS
  9. Karisse's Avatar
    Well, in my case I'm not too excited because A) I didn't really want RSEmakes to begin with, and B) I was really hoping we'd get an XY sequel this year, especially with the recent discovery of those two hidden Ground moves that might be related to Zygarde. So when I saw ORAS announced instead of XY2, I was basically like "... you've gotta be fucking kidding me."
  10. Infinity Mk-II's Avatar
    I mostly got drained from all my excitement with XY. They actually quite disappointed me, so I am keeping my expectations low this time.

    I am mainly looking forwards to how they fix XY, whether it is with a Z version, XY2, or whatever they bring to the table. They did have very neat ideas, after all.

    ... and I kind of was hoping for a RSE sequel or something original being done rather than just remakes. But I guess that was also too unrealistic.

    Overall Gen VI has just been somewhat disappointing to me, specially in contrast with how much I enjoyed Gen V, so I'm just less hyped.
  11. henrymidfields's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishie Karis-chan
    Well, in my case I'm not too excited because...."
    Similar here, actually. Though for different reasons:

    A) Had some bad memories when RSE first came out. Mainly the fact that no backwards compatibility with RBY and GSC - though I got over that - and removal of features from GSC that I really enjoyed. That actually made me not buy RSE and get me off from Pokemon for a decade.

    B) Not only I've found Hoenn a backflip from the original Kanto/Johto. But it (and Shinnoh) also ended up unappealing compared to Kalos and Unova. (Kalos was my first region playthrough in ages, and I played Unova (Black 1) soon after.):
    - Kanto was nostalgia and the anime (although it did age poorly).
    - Johto was the extension into Poke-Japan.
    - Unova was the first Poke-outside-of-Japan, and the Team Plasma story.
    - Kalos was an even better detailed Poke-outside-of-Japan/Poke-France (which got me interested in the games again), and my catching up with Pokemon after being away for so long. Also a seemingly promising trend that future Pokemon regions will stay outside of Japan.

    Hoenn and Shinnoh, however, I still can't see the uniqueness of the two regions. (Orre, however, I'd like to see...) Although, to each their own, I guess.
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