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august 23, 2010

so there's this person who opposes the burning of the qur'an. they expressed their feelings and they felt that if someone were to burn the qur'an, it'd be an insult to islam (which is true -- it would indeed be an insult to islam). they kept saying things such as, "why can't we muslims be treated equally? this is sad, i'm crying." however, some time ago, this same person expressed their feelings towards gay marriage and gays in general. they said gays shouldn't be able to marry.

... why should i respect your lifestyle if you don't respect mine?

this person needs to understand that if they want to be treated equally, they have to respect other people's lifestyles. don't expect me to respect your lifestyle if you aren't respecting mine. this person has 0% of my sympathy, because really, don't expect me to have any sympathy for you when you don't have any for me. i personally respect every single person on this planet regardless regardless regardless of race, sexuality, religion, you name it. however, if you're against my race, for example, my level of respect for you will drop from here: *

to here: *

that aside, i find it digusting to see people considering burning something which is significant to the muslim community. those monsters should go to jail for this. committing a racist act should be punishable.

but anyways, as i said in the qur'an thread, it's not as if some of the people who are greatly offended by the burning of the qur'an won't do anything vindictive. some people will decide to make terrorist attacks because of this, so really... the monsters will end up losing in the end. when you provoke someone or something, expect repercussions. no one will ever "win" against religions (in a few centuries, yes, but not right now), so don't bother making racist acts.

stupid people.

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  1. mariowie's Avatar
    don't they say what goes around comes around
  2. Tsutarja's Avatar
    Those people are in such delusion and I hope they pay for their deeds. I completely agree with everything you've said, and being myself a Muslim, I think they should be completely ashamed of themselves. I only hope that not all Christians are like these and that there are more of others who respect other religions (like those in the Qu'ran thread you've mentioned). :/
  3. Ghost's Avatar
    I am Christian, and openly welcome other religions.
  4. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Thumbs way up.


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