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august 24, 2010


my ex... i saw him yesterday. i couldn't believe it. i hadn't seen him since april 2009. when i saw him in the parking lot, i was like, "woah, nostalgia." i freaked out. he didn't see me though. i was in the car, and i was wearing sunglasses. ugh. i've changed so much since he last saw me. i felt like rolling down the window and saying, "hey matthew! what's up?" though i didn't do so. too shy. next time he goes on msn (we're still friends), i'll tell him i saw him.

^ that's him!

>_< i miss him so much. i still love him despite everything that's happened. too bad he doesn't feel the same for me. i miss december 2008/january 2009. as cliché as it sounds, i wish i could go back in the past and change everything D:

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  1. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Moving forward is the only way to go. Holding on to the past isn't good for you. I would know.


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