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august 22, 2010

and its pokémon. don't we all just love b/w? :P i tried predicting the new pokémon's english names.

tsutaja - mossnake/grassnake
(moss + snake / grass + snake)
pokabu - pigneous
(pig + igneous)
mijumaru - aquatter
(aqua + otter)
chillarmy - charmchila
(charm + chinchilla)
munna - tapilusion
(tapir + illusion)
musharna - tapiraptur
(tapir + rapture)
gear - duocog
(duo + cog)
mamepato - valentdove/valendove
(valentine + dove)
hihidaruma - darumape
(daruma + ape)
shimama - zebright
(zebra + bright)
meguroko - crocodark
(crododile + dark)
rankurusu - psycell
(psychic + cell)
gochiruzeru - gothika
- reference to the actual movie.
koromori - bafruit
(bat + fruit)
kibago - jawsk
(jaw + tusk)
minezumi - spyrodent
(spy + rodent)
- i had a hard time trying to find a name for this squirrel. i tried incorporating words such as watch, look, observe, stare... it didn't work out. so rather than incorporating the word squirrel, i used the word rodent.
miruhoggu - meerscope
(meerkat + scope)
- same here. not much can be done with the word meerkat.
wooguru - chineagle
(chinese + eagle)
- for some reason, i thought this bird was a hawk. D: so i kept thinking, "chinawk... newyawk." but in the end, i was like, "it's not a hawk. it's an eagle." i couldn't really form a name with the word new york and eagle, so i stuck with chineagle. i thought of amereagle, but nah. chineagle sounds better.
gigaiasu - titantonic
(titan + tectonic)
emonga - squaerial
(squirrel + aerial)
mamanbou - heartidal
(heart + tidal)
- it's a pretty lame name. i'm sure someone could come up with something better.
shikijika - seazawn
(season + fawn)
swanna - swanice/swanelle/swanilla
(swan + nice / swan + elle / swan + vanilla)
moguryu - minermole
(mineral + mole)
doryuuzu - dynamole
(dynamite + mole)
kurumiru - leafy
- lol, idk. i thought of mossilk/grassilk, but i didn't feel like repeating tsutaja > mossnake/grassnake.
ononokusu - tuskhorror (tusk + horror)
- assuming it's kibago's final evolution.
desukan - phantomb
(phantom + tomb)
denchura - voltula
(volt + tarantula)
- assuming it's an electric-type.
darumakka - darumini
(daruma + mini)
basurao - bettangry
(betta + angry)
cabunne - gobling
(goblin + changeling)
hatooboo - valentdash/valendash
(valentine + dash)
tsutaja evolution - serplant
(serpent + plant)
mijumaru evolution - hydrotter
(hydro + otter)

fun stuff.

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  1. SharKing's Avatar
    Talk about uncreative.
  2. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Some of them are a little dull =(

    I'm sorry for saying this =(
  3. Rоulette Goddess's Avatar
    LMFAO, are they seriously that bad...
  4. Phoenicks's Avatar
    Pigneous made me laugh in the good way.
  5. MossyOwl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rоulette Goddess
    LMFAO, are they seriously that bad...

    Some are good, but some are just....well....well....D:
  6. White Len's Avatar
    Smugleaf is honestly the only name I see being used for Tsutaja. Most of them you suggested are...ouch.


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