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  1. isshu.

    august 22, 2010

    and its pokémon. don't we all just love b/w? :P i tried predicting the new pokémon's english names.

    tsutaja - mossnake/grassnake
    (moss + snake / grass + snake)
    pokabu - pigneous
    (pig + igneous)
    mijumaru - aquatter
    (aqua + otter)
    chillarmy - charmchila
    (charm + chinchilla)
    munna - tapilusion
    (tapir + illusion)
    musharna - tapiraptur
    (tapir + rapture)
    gear - duocog ...
  2. modeling.

    august 21, 2010

    does anybody else watch america's next top model? i've been watching this show for the past couple of years now, and... i love it. it got me into other top model series, such as canada's next top model, britain's next top model, and australia's next top model. i've recently started watching new zealand's next top model, and my goodness. it is such a dull show. blame the host, sara tetro. she's ugly, boring, and lifeless. when you compare her to tyra banks (antm), jay ...
  3. gay.

    august 20, 2010

    so i was asked if i told my parents about my sexuality, and i answered:

    nope, for a variety of reasons.

    1. a person is born straight. a person is born gay. a straight person would not tell their parents, "mom, dad, i'm straight." consequently, a gay person shouldn't have to tell their parents, "mom, dad, i'm gay." sexuality is inherent.
    2. sexuality is a personal matter. i should only speak about it with my
  4. aloe.

    august 19, 2010

    she looks badass, does she not? she's definitely my favorite character so far in b/w. it's kind of disturbing too, 'cause i use aloe conditioner... and now, everytime i shower, i think about her. >_>

    muahaha, "don't fuck with me." :P
  5. aftermath.

    august 18, 2010

    my new pants look SEXY. i bought four pairs and... one sweater. i just had to buy another one. :P sweaters are amazing. oh and my friend bought this corset which was like $60.00. it looked pretty nice on her. it was red with white and black stripes. so yeah, yesterday was really fun... we got to hang out for about six hours or so, and we ateee togetherrr. i hadn't eaten fast food in a while, so the taste was kinda blegh lol. :S and LMFAO, on the bus, there was this ...
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