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  1. boredom/pictures.

    august 27, 2010

    i had nothing else to do, so i thought i'd edit one of my pictures :\

    awesome effects... not. :P
  2. youtube.

    august 26, 2010

    does anyone remember me from youtube? i was known as "RouletteGoddess." i closed my account back in january 2010 though, since i had to focus on school and some other things. i used to be quite popular on that site due to the genital jokes i made. >_> i kind of miss it. i loved spamming videos and profiles. it was my favorite thing to do back then. but oh well. i wish i hadn't closed it. oh and by the way, i had subscribed to like 45 000 people. ...
  3. typos.

    august 25, 2010

    i've got this habit to reread my posts about twenty times a day to see if there are any mistakes. most mistakes i make are typos.

    and really, it has to stop. i have to stop rereading my posts, otherwise i'm gonna freak out for real. D:

    the other day, i was in bed. i was trying to fall asleep, but then, i thought about a post i had made on the forum. i was worried i had made a mistake. so i got out of bed, went on the computer, and reread ...
  4. matthew.

    august 24, 2010


    my ex... i saw him yesterday. i couldn't believe it. i hadn't seen him since april 2009. when i saw him in the parking lot, i was like, "woah, nostalgia." i freaked out. he didn't see me though. i was in the car, and i was wearing sunglasses. ugh. i've changed so much since he last saw me. i felt like rolling down the window and saying, "hey matthew! what's up?" though i didn't do so. too shy. next time he goes on msn (we're ...

    Updated 24th August 2010 at 04:56 PM by Rоulette Goddess

  5. qur'an.

    august 23, 2010

    so there's this person who opposes the burning of the qur'an. they expressed their feelings and they felt that if someone were to burn the qur'an, it'd be an insult to islam (which is true -- it would indeed be an insult to islam). they kept saying things such as, "why can't we muslims be treated equally? this is sad, i'm crying." however, some time ago, this same person expressed their feelings towards gay marriage and gays in general. they said gays shouldn't ...

    Updated 23rd August 2010 at 12:37 PM by Rоulette Goddess

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