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  1. Current Project

    Recently I've been working on plotting locations from the Pokemon World on Google Earth in reference to the locations they are based on (geographically at least) in Japan. I have made substantial progress using the wiki's article on the subject (type "PKWorld into the search bar if you don't know what I'm talking about), along with sources from the Japanese wiki, the forum's Pokemon World Maps thread, and my own personal assumptions.

    Attached is what I have so far. Here's a color ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails correlation-between-japan-pokemon-world.jpg  
  2. There are blogs here?!

    I never knew! Wow, the mysteries and secrets of Bulbagarden are neverending.

    So yeah. If this turns out to be anything like my old blog, I'll post entries sporadically, as my will to blog fades and my blog sputters out like a candle which has formed into more of a disc than a taper.

    So, let's see if I can make this Pokemon related. As we all know, HGSS comes out tomorrow. I am NOT getting it then. The reason being that I preordered a copy of HeartGold in Vermont and ...