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  1. what to do and not to do when driving motorized vehicles

    what not to do when driving
    1. Do not have illegal stuff (like stuff that makes you high) with you
    2. No throwing buds out of the window
    3. Do not and I repeat do not drink and drive (alcohol beverages)
    4. Do not drive without a seatbelt unless you want to go through the windshield when you have a auto accident
    5. For all the female drivers and future ones do not put make-up while driving
    6. As most of you driver(s) out there do not run red lights

    Updated 25th April 2012 at 04:26 AM by Hatsune Miku fan

  2. my sister

    Two injured in I-5 wreck

    Two Washington State women suffered major injuries Tuesday afternoon when their car hit an oak tree north of the Sunset Hills exit on Interstate 5.

    Lanie Marie Johnson, 19, of Tacoma was driving southbound on I-5 in a 2006 Ford at about 3:55 p.m. when she was distracted and drifted off the roadway to the left, according to a California Highway Patrol press statement.

    Johnson was unable to stop the car before hitting the oak in ...

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  3. what i get annoyed with

    the things i get annoyed with are
    firstly being a messanger owl between two people RLY ANNOYING (lets not forget stressfull) like when u and a friend cant contact each other so u ask a friend who talks on the same forums or messanger to be a messnager between both of them
    another thing is people not reading the whole sentences that a person puts down (when u type something a person says and the person u say it to say "What did he says", or something like that when u have alrdy ...

    Updated 25th April 2012 at 04:20 AM by Hatsune Miku fan