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It's My Bulba-versay! :D

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...Well it's kinda hard to believe that exactly a year ago I joined Bulbagarden Forums. ;D

At first I admit I only joined for the Rocketshipping Thread in the Shipper's Paradise,

...but eventually I made it to 'Caption the Screenshots!' and Some threads of the 'Outside the Box' section of the Forum.

I still post in mostly the Rocketshipping thread/ Caption the screenshots, but hopefully I'll post more in some other sections. like the Anime and other stuff.:3 (I've always been afraid to give my speculations about upcoming episodes. xD)

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  1. Iteru's Avatar
    Happy anniversary! :D
    (Aww, it is always fun to read people's speculation...we are mostly reasonable in the animé forum :P)
  2. XXKojiMusaXX's Avatar
    Thanks! :)
    (I worry though, because I don't want to look stupid as I don't know that much about the anime.)



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