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I found and caught a shiny Onix on Victory Road! (I named it Shinix.) Boo-ya! Anyway, I just beat the League (in less than a week). I couldn't find The Truck, though. And I did the Pichu and Arceus events! I got a level 1 Giratina! (I named it Shadow.) Woo! I beat Red and got a Bulbasaur (I named it Saur, after Red's Venusaur in the manga) and a Treecko (named Treeyy 2.0, after Treeyy, my starter in Emerald.) I even activated Rotom's other forms! And all in one week! I have the GB Sounds and Mewtwo now, too! Now all I have to do is catch the other legendaries...

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Updated 12th April 2010 at 02:59 PM by Kimori-Hinoarashi



  1. Vasili's Avatar
    Yea I had it beat in less than a week too.
  2. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vasili1097
    Yea I had it beat in less than a week too.
    You got the jp version? Lucky. I'm on my way to Saffron currently.


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