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Operation GWTTS

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by , 5th November 2009 at 01:49 PM (588 Views)
This blog is about Operation Get With The Times Slowpoke! (Operation GWTTS) It will show my progress on bringing my Pokemon to the current Generation. Which now includes Gen V :sigh:. Before transfering all of my Pokemon, I must first:


Beat the Pokemon League in LeafGreen.
(1/1) beaten)

Catch Mewtwo, Entei, and Moltres in LeafGreen. (3/3 caught)


Catch all Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum and XD. (93?/167 caught)

Purify all Shadow Pokemon in Colosseum and XD. (90?/167 purified)

Get Ho-oh in Colosseum. (0/1 obtained)

Get Totodile and Chikorita in XD. (2/2 obtained)


Catch the Regis in Emerald.
(3/3 caught)

This blog will be updated when part of a goal is completed.

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Updated 16th December 2011 at 06:03 PM by Kimori-Hinoarashi



  1. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    I updated my 1st post.
    Updated 17th December 2009 at 05:45 PM by Kimori-Hinoarashi
  2. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    thre are 48 shadow pokémon in Colosseum. Just so you know ;)
  3. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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  4. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    Updated again.
    Updated 17th December 2009 at 05:47 PM by Kimori-Hinoarashi
  5. IslandWalker's Avatar
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    Check the BP article on XD. That should help you.
  6. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    I will. And I'll update soon. I've been lazy lately.
  7. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    I got the Totodile, and I need to beat 90 more Trainers to get Chikorita.
  8. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    Updated! BTW, guess what I named my new Moltres? Tres Bien! Multilingual pun for the win!
  9. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    Once I catch Entei I'm done with the handheld games! Unfortunately, I haven't seen it once yet, but I do have a Master Ball for when I find it.
  10. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
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    Yes! Only the GameCube games are left!


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