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4/11/10- After trading a Totodile (Dile) and a Chikorita (Chiko) to SoulSilver, I started out the game with Typhlo (my Cyndaquil and main starter) now level 9, Tot (my Totodile and secondary starter) now level 6, and Cory (my Chikorita, now level 6. I also caught an unnamed Hoothoot.

4/12/10- I am on my way to fight Falkner! My team- Typhlo (Quilava level 15), Tot (Totodile level 10), Cory (Chikorita level 10), Hoothoot (level 3), Bellsprout (level 3), Rocky (level 3 traded Onix), and the Mareep and Wooper Eggs.

UPDATE: Gold the Togepi hatched, I got Kenya, and I caught Sudowoodo (named Wooda.) Party: Typhlo (Quilava level 28), Tot (Croconaw level 25), Cory (Bayleef level 22), Rocky (HM Slave Onix level 8), Bellsprout (level 3 HM Slave), and Kenya (level 21 Fearow.) I'm on my way to Cianwood!

4/13/10- Inside the TR hideout! Just caught the Red Gyarados! Team: Typhlo (Quilava level 31), Tot (Croconaw level 28), Cory (Bayleef level 24), Rocky (Onix level 8), Bellsprout (level 3), and Kenya (Fearow level 23.)

4/16/10- Still inside the hideout. Team: Typhlo (Quilava level 32), Tot (Feraligatr level 30), Cory (Bayleef level 24), Rocky (Onix level 8), Bellsprout (level 3), and Kenya (Fearow level 23.)

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  1. Snowfire's Avatar
    Good luck!
  2. Kimori-Hinoarashi's Avatar
    Thanks! I'm updating it now. But since I've already beat SoulSilver in 1 week, I'm going fairly slow.


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