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random things of me games

i love to talk about games ohhhhh yeah

  1. i like this (off topic post)

  2. i know you will fail this

    i play world of warcraft.

  3. come on

    just one tiny bad comment charitard oh and blaizevoir just remember to comment please just someone coment on this.

    i am now a lvl 11 in mechquest you arelvl 1s mwauhahahahaha.
  4. comic shop2

  5. the tutorial of mech

    ok heres a tutorial line up
    1st.equiping weapons is a good way to win a battle so before you battle equip some weapons.
    2nd.your mech needs to be repaired after battles repair it with the repair.
    3rd.glitchs are constant go into a black zone after wars click options and click home town.
    4th.battles are just mecha mashing maddness so you may want to level up quick by figting in assault mech
    5th.special effects like burn fire venom claw any one of them is a bad thing ...
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