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my cat is missing. his previous owner let him roam the neighborhood freely and so he's always had the itch to go outside, but he actually got away this time and i don't know if he'll be coming back.

he got out because my dad forgot to lock the front door. :| it's an old, beat up door and doesn't stay closed when it's unlocked. when i came home it was a crack open and the cat was nowhere to be found.

the funny thing is that my dad forgets to lock the front door on a semi-regular basis - we have no keys for our doors (we've tried installing different locks before, but it's clear we just need to get whole new doors), so it's usually his responsibility to make sure he locks the front door from the inside since he's the last one to leave the house in the morning most of the time. it's pretty surprising that the cat (and/or dog) didn't make a run for it a long time ago, really. i guess i can't get too mad at him, though...it was a human mistake, albeit one he's made a couple times before.

but...i just hope my cat comes home soon. :(

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  1. Patchy's Avatar
    *hugs* ):


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