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firered nuzlocke part two

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by , 10th February 2011 at 09:56 PM (189 Views)
i wasn't sure what i wanted to do once i defeated erika. i was afraid if i went to the rocket hideout my levels would become more fucked up than they already were, but training nepeta and eridan was a pain in the ass. then i discovered my water pulse TM and eridan was no longer a pain in the ass - he became instead a supercharged serial killer who can OHKO pretty much anything. at the moment, he's one of the most useful members on my team.

training nepeta remained tedious and frustrating, though, so i decided i'd leave her at the daycare and clear the rocket hideout. if she hadn't leveled up, i was going to have to kick her off the team.

before i did that, though, i got presley to evolve into pidgeot and beat all the trainers in the dojo in saffron. i chose hitmonchan and, after a minute or two of deliberation (at first i was going to name him banana, but something about that seemed disrespectful), named him rocky because i am very creative.

at some point i got pretty close to losing someone, but i've already forgotten when and who. i think it was kemu.

i headed to celedon. i quickly swept through the hideout - stephanus and eridan slaughtered everything in our way - then returned to the daycare center. nepeta had grown to level twenty-one, which i figured was decent enough, so i took her back. i was excited to go to pokemon tower; nepeta knew bite, so it would be the perfect place to train her.

nepeta shot through the levels, though once we got out of there she was still a level behind the weakest member of my team, darrian. it was then that i made a choice: darrian's adventure with me would end here. since he was a fighting type he'd been virtually useless for a while now, and would continue to be for a while longer. there was no way i would be able to keep him on par with the rest of my team. with a heavy heart i boxed him.

then i went to route 12 and nepeta evolved into persian. yay :D

current team:
nepeta (persian) - level 28
presley (pidgeot) - level 37
eridan (vaporeon) - level 31
kemu (venusaur) - level 33
stephanus (hypno) - level 34

on reserve:
berserker (magikarp) - level 5
gwen (doduo) - level 20
rocky (hitmonchan) - level 25
darrian (machop) - level 27

alec (caterpie) - level 5
dante (zubat) - level 16
trina (diglett) - level 19
volty (voltorb) - level 18

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