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firered nuzlocke part one

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by , 9th February 2011 at 04:35 PM (323 Views)
ok i know no one cares about this but i feel like i need to record my experiences with nuzlocke. so whateva

i actually started my playthrough a few days ago, but i'm not going to bother recalling all i've done before today.

today i stopped lallygagging and went through rock tunnel (and was pleasantly surprised to have stephanus evolve into hypno while i was in there - for some reason i thought drowzee evolved at level 40. kemu also evolved into venusaur). i had already caught a machop there earlier who in all my excitement i forgot to nickname, so when i got to lavender town i went to the name rater's and named him darrian. then i went to route eight and was severely disappointed when i didn't run into a growlithe, because it's one of my favorite pokemon (i think this is probably the third time pidgey got in the way of my plans for my team).

but to my joy, i ran into a meowth on route seven! i caught her and named her mimi. i figure if i keep her alive long enough she will be especially helpful with ghost users. in celadon city i picked up the eevee in that I KNOW EVERYTHING! guy's room, and named him howl. i was going to evolve him into a jolteon, but after taking a look at my team's type advantages and weaknesses i decided vaporeon would be the best choice. after evolving him and doing a bit of running around, though, i realized that hey, meowth is a cat, and vaporeon has cheekfins and mine is lonely i ran all the way back to lavender town and renamed them nepeta and eridan respectively. i am a dork. oh yeah, and i caught a doduo i named gwen at some point.

i really wanted presley to evolve into pidgeot, but by the time i got to erika he was just a level short. i defeated her easily...and that's where i left off!

current team:
presley (pidgeotto) - level 35
stephanus (hypno) - level 31
kemu (venusaur) - level 32
darrian (machop) - level 27
eridan (vaporeon) - level 25
nepeta (meowth) - level 19

on reserve:
berserker (magikarp) - level 5 (stupid mf is calm natured)
gwen (doduo) - level 20

alec (caterpie) - level 5
dante (zubat) - level 16
trina (diglett) - level 19
volty (voltorb) - level 18

ugh, my levels are all unbalanced. time to level grind

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  1. Der_Neuevenmenschen's Avatar
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    Dang you're doing good.
  2. Baashka's Avatar
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    i know! i'm glad i haven't lost anyone important yet...though i have had some very close calls. it gets a bit nerve-wracking.


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