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emerald nuzlocke part one

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yeah see my firered nuzlocke was really fun even though it was heartbreaking, so i decided to do another on my emerald.

i saved over 600 hours of my childhood :(

anyway, i did a lot of stuff already. i chose treecko as my starter and named him shades. i caught two poochyena i both named master, but released the first one due to it being two levels weaker (this would prove unimportant once it became clear master was going to dawdle behind the rest of the team forever, with low defenses and attack). i caught a taillow (tifa), which delighted me, a whismur (eros), and a wurmple (sasami) before getting my first badge.

i was having bad luck level grinding. i couldn't find anything i could OHKO or wasn't in possession of stronger attacks, even by cycling road. nervous though i was, i gave it up and went ahead to battle brawly.

tifa quickly dispatched his machop, and i took the sending out of his meditite as an opportunity to heal half her HP. this was a very bad decision - meditite used focus punch and tifa fainted!

sasami (who was now a dustox) took out his makuhita with confusion. getting the badge was sort of bittersweet since i lost tifa, but it was a badge nonetheless, and i went back to slateport. when i was there i named whismur eros (i had forgotten to name him when i caught him), and then i cleared the trick house, and then i trained some more, and then eros evolved into loudred. oh, and i caught an oddish i named radish, who later evolved into gloom.

i defeated brendan and went to mauvile. at the route connecting it and verdanturf, i did something stupid and got eros killed by a trainer's doduo (the one time uproar's forced reuse sucked). i was quite sad; he was a strong member of my team. and then i think that's where i stopped last night.

i'm getting a bit worried about my team. they're all weak to fire types, two of them are grass types and the other bug and poison, and it's going to take a shitload of leveling up for them to take on wattson by themselves. i need to get a fire and a water type ASAP.

current team:
radish (gloom) - level 21
shades (grovyle) - level 20
sasami (dustox) - level 21

on reserve:
master (poochyena) - level 11

tifa (taillow) - level 17
eros (loudred) - level 20

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