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by , 16th March 2010 at 06:31 PM (206 Views)
my dad is considering the possibility that my eardrum burst. :I

as i said in the "how are you feeling today?" thread, it felt like something exploded inside my ear...i was in mid-yawn when all of a sudden the most horrible pain overtook me. i was crying my eyes out and after a while convincing my sister i had to go to the hospital, haha. being the overdramatic idiot she is, she promptly ran to our neighbors's houses with instruction to use their phones (since ours died and wasn't charging fast enough), but instead yelled 'WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR KASEY? KASEY'S EAR IS ON FIRE.' my dad called me a little while later pretty steamed because my neighbors called him at work to tell him what she did :|

but, anyway...i don't think my eardrum burst since i'm not showing any of the symptoms (besides occasionally writhing in pain; i laid in bed for an hour or two and got restless, so that's why i'm online), but something did go very wrong inside my ear. my biggest fear is that the doctor will tell me something like 'oh, kasey, it looks like i'll have to give you a shot! right in your ear!'...honestly, i think i'd rather suffer a little hearing loss in this ear than go through that. hopefully neither of those happen!

i've got the rest of the day before i can go see the doctor, and i want to subdue the pain as much as possible. what should i do?

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    Drink away the pain?

    I kid. Take some pain pills and wear noise canceling headphones, no music. Just in case


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