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Kittens and Rainbows


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Has it seriously been three years since I first joined Bulbagarden? It certainly hasn’t felt like it, mainly because I was largely inactive until late 2010 at the very earliest. So I kind of missed my first two Bulbaversaries, and even if I were around for them I wouldn’t have exactly had much to say. It’s only been recently that I’ve really come to appreciate how incredible the people in this community are.

Becoming a mod has both allowed me to get to know so many of you, both staff and non-staff, a lot better (mainly because I discovered the joys of spending my entire life Skyping). I can’t imagine spending my days without you guys~

But as I’m sure a lot of you have heard me wangsting about recently, I’m a high school senior now, so that means my workload is just getting greater and greater. This Bulbaversary is a bit of a bittersweet one, because I know that from here on out, there’s no way that I’m gonna be able to maintain the level of activity I’ve had for the past year in the coming months. It’s gonna be really hard for me, so I’m gonna really anxiously await the day when it’s all over and done with and I can just relax with my friends here. :D November 6, guys, mark it on your calendars!

And now, without further ado….

@Aestivate; You’re super fun and really great to chat to, but the thing I love the most about you is how you’re so passionate about what you believe in. Seriously, as a raging feminist in the making, I really look up to you for never being afraid of what you have to say. I salute you. :)
@Croag; I’m really, REALLY glad I’ve gotten to know you. No matter whether I’m just chatting with you, completely owning you in Mario Kart or whatever, you always make me smile and I feel you’ve become a really great friend. You’re a really great, talented and smart girl and I think you need to appreciate that a bit more. Cause you’re awesome and a great friend~ nah you’re just a slout ;)
@Hide in Plain Sight; VERY DEEP DOWN, you’re a really great, warm guy to talk to and you can always make me laugh. You also like Dashie, and we all know what that means….
@Highway Unicorn; Carly~ You’re just such a bro. We always have such a good time fangirling together and you never fail to make me laugh when we’re VCing. Good to have you as a friend :)
@hurristat; I really don’t know what to say. You’ve just been so incredibly amazing to me that I don’t know where to start, what I could say to even begin to touch upon our friendship. You’ve given me the inspiration to go out and change my life after I’d started doubting myself. You’ve helped me out of a lot of really tough times. But most of all, you’re just a funny, intelligent, and really sweet guy who I couldn’t imagine life without anymore. You’re my best friend here and it’s gonna be tough without you. I just can’t even touch the surface of what I could say to you, there’s too much I could never say. Thank you.
@Insanish Danish; Boss lady! We mainly converse in the language known by mere mortals as “food porn”, but I’m alright with that. You’ve been a good leader for me if I need help and I look forward to helping you more in the future.
@Karamazov; Like you always say to me, we really, really need to talk more! Although we're bromos now, so hopefully that will change soon. Seriously, you’re one of the funniest guys I’ve ever talked to, and whenever we do talk I have an awesome time. So you're cool. :3
@Mijzelffan; One day I am going to beat you in Mario Kart! ……oh, yeah, you’re an alright person and all that jazz as well, I guess. XP It's been great joking around with you.
@Musashi; I used to be a little intimidated by you but I’ve come to know that you’re just such a great person to talk to as well. Thanks for giving me the honor (and putting up with all mistakes) to work for BNN!
@Octy; Octy, you’re seriously the sweetest person I have ever talked to! You need to stop worrying about others for a little and smile and treat yourself, you seriously deserve it.
@Paperhorse; From what I know of you, you’re just a really sweet, intelligent person, and it’s definitely been a pleasure working with you~ We should definitely talk more :D
@PkmnBlue; You’re an awesome artist and one of the primary shippers of Me x Syn, therefore I respect you greatly. XD Always a great girl to talk to and lol with.
@PkmnGreen; fabkie pls Sometimes I randomly think about your face and throw up a little in my mouth. But yeah, you know you’re an awesome friend, even if you randomly abandon us for no reason sometimes. You’re super funny and I always look forward to talking to you. Plus, you’re totally shippable (with me). And yeah, basically you da best coz we totez bfffffffffls :D
@PkmnWhite; My Icelandic friend, I still need to play Mario Kart with you! We should totally share a sandwich sometime. ;)
@SSJ_Jup81; You're always really helpful to me whenever I need help with my Japanese, and I really enjoy translating together with you. Plus, your stories from Japan and general fun-to-be-aroundness always give me a laugh. :3
@Synthesis; I’m not a creep, I swear! I really do want to get to talk to you a bit more, but timezones make that a little difficult for us. From my experience though, you seem like a really great guy, and I hope we do get more chances to talk to you in the future.
@The Puppetmaster; Hmm, again I really don’t know what to say except, like, every single positive adjective I’ve ever said about anyone else before. You’re truly an awesome friend who I always have a blast talking to. Friendly, loyal, honest.... You've definitely made my Bulba experience a lot more enjoyable, and I'm really glad I've got the chance to meet and talk to you. True bro~ Also Josh Hutcherson. :3 and i need to hear your sexy voice still
@yourlilemogirl; Haha, I just love my relationship with you~ You're my favorite Bulbasis (cause I only have one) and our teasing always makes me lol.... Just in general, you’re a really funny, sweet person to talk to. Everyone loves you~ XP
@Zenax; I’m still yet to hear your sexy French. ;) But yeah, you’re a great friend, a great bromo (even if you have a strange taste in men sometimes), and always great to talk to. Keep up the awesomeness.

There are so many other great people here that I would love to mention. Hopefully next year my list will be twice as long. But here are a few other people that I feel deserve knowing that they’re an important part of my Bulba experience.

@$aturn¥oshi; @Eitarou; @Iteru; @Meron; @Mintaka; @Netto Azure; @Parmalee;

So yeah, that’s my Bulbaversary. I can’t say enough how hard it’s gonna be to leave this site behind but I’ll try my best to stay here without sacrificing any of my schoolwork. This place has really come to mean a lot for me so I look forward to creating even more great memories, friends, and experiences in the future. Here’s to another year!

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
    awww. :3c
  2. Froakie's Avatar
    completely owning you in Mario Kart or whatever
    Jowl pls.

    Despite this being two days early which is completely out of order and you should be infracted for it, that's so sweet. I'm so glad you're my friend, I enjoy talking with you so much, and this place really wouldn't be the same without you, so happy Bulbaversary, slout! :D

    Keep jowling. ;)
  3. Oswin's Avatar
    I'm really glad Croag ratted me out I asked you to be paired with me, because getting to know you has been amazing. I'll never stop calling you Jowl either, slout! Happy bulbaversary, and you better not be gone for too long :<

    Also, what Croag said :3
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
  5. Zenax's Avatar
    I'm not sure you deserve hear my Frenchiness after all this bashing on Pepsi.

    Just kidding, you're an awesome guy and I'm glad we got to become friends. :3c
  6. Kouzan's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary.
    though I only know you through the food pictures thread and all your tasty food porn.
  7. Neltharion S. Deathwing's Avatar
    Gratz. Just noticed you joined earlier than me. Good job.
  8. yourlilemogirl's Avatar
    Awww now you make me regret kicking you out of the family tree and into the woodchipper D;

    I love you too bulbabro, even if you go all creeper on me sometimes and start up with all the winking and shizz :P
    *smacks, but with love*

    Haha, you better stick around for many more years bb bro or else ;3c
  9. Iteru's Avatar
    Leave and I will attempt to cage you.

    (aka stay 'cause you're a great user and mod as well as fun to talk to)
  10. Yadon's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  11. Flannery's Avatar
    Very deep down XD

    And yes I like Dashie. What of it :P
  12. Paperhorse's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! <3 I love talking to you whenever I get the chance.
  13. winstein's Avatar
    While you may not have been active for a while, it's great to have you around. Merry Bulbaversary!

    I imagine that you are passionate about cooking, which is why you signed up for Chef's Chateau, right? If so, I thought you sounded like a sufficient chef.

    Thanks for reading.
  14. Alex800's Avatar
    Sometimes I randomly think about your face and throw up a little in my mouth.
    Liking this just for that
  15. Mißingnåen's Avatar
    Happy birthday!
  16. Aestivate's Avatar
    THAT'S MY SON <3
  17. Musashi's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary Joel!

    It's been a lot of fun working with you. You're really awesome and do an amazing job with BNN. You've helped me out so much already and we haven't even gotten to the release yet!
  18. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    Aww, happy Bulbaversary! I'm so glad I hired you; you're so much fun to keyboard smash about food with and you've just been so helpful and awesome. :3
  19. Netto Azure's Avatar
    I'm important? In what way? XD
  20. Serenity's Avatar
    Awww, thank you Joel!~ *glomps* <3
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