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No, Not an Emerald Nuzlocke :U

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I started Emerald a couple of days ago, because really, I missed Hoenn, being all caught up in Sinnoh and Kanto/Johto affairs ;_;

And despite this not being a Nuzlocke challenge, I did get inspired to reset my Emerald account by the recent bandwagon of NuzLocke's, as well as Sketch's little thing going on in the staff lounge.

I just thought I'd give an update to everyone on how it's going.

Save File

-Route 120 (Between Fortree Town and Mt. Pyre.)
-Name: May
-Badges: 6
-PokeDex: 42 (I've never completed a 'Dex, as you may've gathered.)
-Time: 20:00 (I just copied this from my save file just now, and when I went to save, an even twenty hours was it :D)

Party: (In order of power.)

-Name: Tropius
-Gender: Female
-Level: 40
-Ability: Chlorophyll
-Nature: Brave
-Item: Miracle Seed
-Stats: 141/72/86/70/77/42
-Moves: (Growth. Magical Leaf, Fly, Body Slam)*

*I will replace Growth, Magical Leaf, and Body Slam with Sunny Day, Synthesis, and Solarbeam.

I don't know a whole lot about whether I will keep this one or not. Mainly, it's just here because I needed both a Grass- and a Flying-type. It's forseable maximum potential at this point is only a Sunny Day speed attacker.

-Name: Torkoal
-Gender: Female
-Level: 40
-Ability: White Smoke
-Nature: Brave
-Item: Charcoal
-Stats: 113/89/121/86/70/29
-Moves: Flamethrower, Strength, Sludge Bomb, Curse

I may keep this one the way it is, for now. It popped into my head to maybe teach it Rollout at some point... Or even Gyro Ball, if it isn't too fast when it comes time to migrate over.

-Name: Ninjask
-Gender: Female
-Level: 40
-Ability: Speed Boost
-Nature: Lonely
-Item: None
-Stats: 111/95/46/52/47/142
-Moves: Cut, Swords Dance, Leech Life, Dig

Not much to do with this one at this point, since it can't do too much until Gen. IV. I don't know about the item at this point... When it was a Nincada, I did have a Quick Claw attached.

-Name: Wailord
-Gender: Female
-Level: 40
-Ability: Oblivious
-Nature: Adamant
-Item: Mystic Water
-Stats: 190/96/42/69/43/59
-Moves: Rollout, Surf, Double-Edge, Rest

Wailord :D This is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I haven't really trained one for the long term before, so this is just dandy. It's Adamant, so I'm debating as to whether I should still teach it Ice Beam for the time being...? And if anyone was wondering, it knows Double-Edge thanks to a certain GameCube game. I normally would've waited to evolve Wailmer in one more level, so Wailmer could learn Water Spout, but there's no room for it, and being that Wailord is Adamant...

-Name: Manectric
-Gender: Female
-Level: 40
-Ability: Lightningrod
-Nature: Modest
-Item: None (I will attach Magnet when I get it soon.)
-Stats: 110/67/63/106/63/99
-Moves: Bite, Thunder Wave, Roar, Thunderbolt

I spent 40,000 on a Flamethrower TM early on in Mauville when Manectric had evolved, and then I discovered it couldn't learn it yet! DX So, the cat's outta the bag in teaching it Flamethrower come migration. And that's about as far as I've gotten with what I want it to be. :/ Not too sure yet.

-Name: Hariyama
-Gender: Male
-Level: 40
-Ability: Guts
-Nature: Impish
-Item: Quick Claw
-Stats: 179/108/70/40/66/59
-Moves: Facade, Rock Smash, Vital Throw, Fake Out

Obviously getting rid of Rock Smash when I no longer need it. I'm just gonna turn this into a Guts-Facade attacker. I'll attach a Toxic Orb when I get it over to Gen. IV, along with teaching it Close Combat and Payback, and maybe Ice Punch. His future is probably the most developed of anyone on my party.

Expect other updates soon!

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