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  1. I Swear...

    Why can't people get upset like this when things more life-significant happen in the world?

    Northeastern Ohio in it's current status:

    Local news stations raving about how LeBron James is a traitor, the masses in a pre-riot frenzy about this and that, with his home beefing up security, and dare I say how many LeBron James-related updates I've seen from the FaceBook news feed of Fox 8 - Cleveland?

    My response:


  2. Today...

    ...Will prove to be quite a melancholy one, I'm sure.
  3. Yet Another Long Review About How Good Toy Story 3 Was (Better Late Than Never)


    *Erhem* Not long, that is.

    I liked it.

    Though a short review, that phrase says a lot in my case, as I never really got into how childish the first one was (therefore, skipped 2), even as a child. Though, I wanted to keep as open a mind as possible, and went along with a few friends. I think the main reason I liked it was because of the all-grown-up/moving-on-to-bigger-and-better-things theme. And also, props to Whoopi Goldberg (at least I believe ...

    Updated 4th July 2010 at 02:26 AM by Steven

  4. Approximately 1 year, 2 Months

    I joined the Bulbagarden name around that time period ago as a regular user.

    Now, here I am, having grown a good amount since I've joined; I've learned "Internetiquette" as I've come to call it. Now, just over 4,500 posts and 100 blogs, I managed to have gotten accepted as a moderator on the forum I've come to see as the best I've ever been on, and at that, in the section I favor the most, aside from Pokemon. I have talked with many people, made a bunch of friends, and can ...
  5. I Am No Hypocrite! :DD

    It is not my problem that the colors for the regular DSi aren't that appealing. :P

    But no, on a serious note, despite having denounced DSi XL's as pointless creations, I went out and spent a fraction of graduation gifts (okay, money) on a Red Wine-colored one. (Can the "Burgundy" crap :P, regardless of Burgundy being a class of red wine or not XP)

    Aside from the AAC-only compatability with music files, I've grown to like it very much ^^

    I wanted ...
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