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  1. E6... (Yes, The Music Note...)

    I now know why they call book scholarships 'book scholarships.' I just took a concentrated look at my book list for the semester coming up...

    If all are used: +/-$490
    If at least one is new: +$500

    One of them, by itself, takes up $150 of that, and that's if I can get it used. My scholarship is worth $500 exactly. I had it in my head already that the books for just this semester would take up a huge percentage of it, but I didn't think that percentage would be ...
  2. "FUCK"

    My sister is getting married.

    In exactly one month. Tuesday the 31st of August.

    Classes start one week and one day before then.

    Tuesdays are my worst day, as far as classes that week.

    I really will not let myself miss that day. I need to do better this semester. Any other day would've been fine, so her luck in the regard of me being there, no questions asked, just went against her. (Says that they probably want it to go faster than it really ...

    Updated 31st July 2010 at 12:27 AM by Steven

  3. One Update, Two Update(s), Red Update, Blue Update

    One Update: So, my sleeping schedule! I bet over all the commotion on Black and White, the Enigma Stone event, etc., etc. it's been the ONE thing you've had stuck in your head the last two weeks or so! I bet you're just dying to know how it's been going. (YEAH RIGHT; Enigma Stone > sleeping schedule)

    Well, it's actually been going great recently. The last week of mornings I've woken up at a self-calculated average of 8:15 A.M., with a few of those being earlier than that, ...

    Updated 29th July 2010 at 11:08 PM by Steven

  4. Highlight

    The best thing to happen to me this weekend: I finally got Blue's phone number. (AKA Daisy is a bitch. :P)

    And.... I am not going to see Avatar this weekend as originally planned...

    ...Though that isn't entirely a misfortune, huh?
  5. Why I'm Online NOW ;<

    And for all of you non-EST pocket monsters humans, that's about 5:30 in the morning.


    I has plan. Hopefully, I has good plan.

    My sleep schedule is terribly off track. :<
    Instead of getting up like I did as a child at 7.5-8, after having gone to bed at about 9-10-ish, I'm now going at 4:00 and sleeping far in until 1:00 P.M.
    (Growing up has opened some doors for being more of a night owl, but a few of those need to be closed, ...
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