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I Swear...

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Why can't people get upset like this when things more life-significant happen in the world?

Northeastern Ohio in it's current status:

Local news stations raving about how LeBron James is a traitor, the masses in a pre-riot frenzy about this and that, with his home beefing up security, and dare I say how many LeBron James-related updates I've seen from the FaceBook news feed of Fox 8 - Cleveland?

My response:


God damn. >_>

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  1. Ino-Chan's Avatar
    who did he go to?????...It's also big on my family, though we don't live there. I said STFU too...
  2. Nelly's Avatar
    Well, it is kinda big for Cleveland. To quote the 2nd Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism video; "Our economy is based on LeBron James." And while that is an exaggeration, it is somewhat true. LeBron brought that city a lot of money.
  3. Steven's Avatar
    Of course it did, it's only natural that it would, but with it, came dependency; the masses are acting as though his legs were theirs.

    They feel completely let down, but that's what happens when you put that much faith into someone you don't even know personally, right?

    Don't depend on others to allow you to stand with the legs God gave you.
  4. Nelly's Avatar
    Not a basketball fan. But as a devout Reds fan, I can understand why they are pissed. If Barry Larkin (who stayed with the Reds his entire 19 year career, even when they sucked, and even when the Yankees offered him big money) left for the sake of money or championships, I'd be angry.

    Fortunately, Larkin is a better person than LeBron, it seems. Larkin grew up wanting to be a Redleg, so once he got there, he wasn't leaving. LeBron grew up wanting to be a Cavalier (I think). He got there. Then screwed the city over so he could win a few championships earlier rather than later. He also dragged it out into public and made a big spectacle of it... people have turned on LeBron because it seems he is much more egotistical than once thought.

    Sports is entertainment. Fantastic, unpredictable entertainment... unfortunately for Cleveland, they lost something to do during basketball season.
  5. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
    Let him be... LeBron is okay.


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