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Jo The Marten

Happy Holidays, and a happy New Year

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So seems everyone's doing these Xmas blogs, and it was suggested that I do one too. So here we go.

My Xmas was great, and there's a few more things I'm looking forward to in the upcoming weeks. First off: What did I get?

We've also gotten snow here today! Where I live, snow in December isn't that common, as we get most of our snow in February when cold fronts come down from the North.

Now I suppose I should give shout outs to people here on Bulbagarden.

First and foremost is @Werdnae;. You were one of the first people I spoke to upon returning to Bulbapedia in 2010, and you helped me to feel at home. You guided me, and taught me, and made me feel comfortable. You've always supported me, and given me helpful advice when I wasn't sure which direction to take. You've helped me to improve my health with your knowledge of chemicals and ailments. You've never let me down even when I was in a shit mood. You've stayed by my side through some really rough drama, and issues, and I absolutely love you. This you already know, however. I am just pleased to have you as a friend, and a partner.

@MAGNEDETH; Dude, you're like a big brother to me. You've helped to mold me into a confident editor, and you've always let me vent and throw tantrums when I needed to without putting me down. I've always really loved how honest you are, and I know I can always go to you for answers that aren't sugar coated. I always enjoy talking to you. You know we're cool!

@Kogoro; You and I are almost literally like sisters. We don't always get along, and we definitely don't agree on everything, but nevertheless, I feel this tight bond that can't be broken between us. We always forgive and move on, and it's always fun talking to you. You've helped me through a lot of personal problems that I was too nervous to tell anyone else, and while you might not be a certified expert, talking to you about my problems helped me feel better. You've always given me a chance to explain, and you listen to my side of every issue.

@Kenji-girl; You were the first friend from Bulbagarden I met in real life, and I miss you so much. (Lutz and I became friends after we met. We never spoke on Bulbagarden much before that) It was so much fun hanging out with you. I had wanted to be your friend for a while, but you were so reclusive. I'm glad I was able to get you into the chats. You're a lot of fun to talk to. I adore you sweet heart~ I hope we have more time to hang out next time I'm in your area.

@The dark lord trombonator; You're an ass and I hate you. You've always been like the happy-go-lucky brother that gives me advice when I'm stuck. You're an absolute joy to talk to, and I always enjoy our time together. Whenever I visit Werd, we've got to make sure to come down and see you too!

@Adyniz; @SnorlaxMonster; @Maverick Nate; @Masatoshi; @Spriteit; @Eitarou; @捷克羅姆; @Pokemaster97; @Crystal_Talian; @Luna Tiger; @Umeko; It's been a lot of fun working with you all. Even if some of us didn't always get along, we never let it stop us from doing what needed to be done.

@Musashi; @Evil Figment; @$aturn¥oshi; Thank you both for believing in me whenever you needed me to do something, and when hiring me as a mod.

@Mintaka; @Winter Enchantress; @Parma; @Insanish Danish; You gals are absolutely swell. I'm pleased as punch to mod a section with you all, and you're all super sweet to talk to.

@Kakuna Matata; You also fit in with the girls above, but I wanted to give you a special shout out for being an Ico and Shadow of the Colossus fan. That's awesome, and you should feel awesome.

@Araragi Hakase; You're an abosolute sweet heart, and I love talking to you and making you flustered over Science wives. Thank you so much for the Latias! She has a happy home here. <3

@Shiay; You're a dear, and I hope we're able to meet someday soon. ;.; I adore speaking to you, as you're a lot of fun to talk to. I hope things go well for you.

@Joshawott; @Jabberwocky; @jda95; @Karamazov; @garrison-san; @Mako; @Blazaking; @Netto Azure; @Gama; @Paperhorse; We don't talk much, but I still hold you guys in high-regard in terms of coolness. You're always welcome to drop by and say hello~

And may the rest of you have a safe and happy New Years!

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  1. Gama's Avatar

    Made it on to the reserve list!!

    Happy christmas to you too, Jo, I hope it's been an excellent day!
  2. Paperhorse's Avatar
    Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Joshawott's Avatar
    "This Saturday my dad is taking my friends and I to go see the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica films in theater."
    LUCKY. So jealous! MangaUK won't consider doing a UK showing until the final film is out in Japan.

    And you can drop by and say hello too!

    Merry Christmas!
  4. Karamazov's Avatar
    Thank you so much! Merry Christmas!
  5. Zidar Ravencrypt's Avatar
    Merry Christmas!
  6. Insanish Danish's Avatar
    aww thanks for the mention Jo! <3 you're absolutely lovely too and I wish you all the same :D
  7. jda95's Avatar
    gimme dat heart container

    Merry Christmas to you too, Jo! I hope you had a fantastic day. :3
  8. Pokemaster97's Avatar
    *sniffle* I actually got a shoutout from someone. *flattered* Merry Christmas, hope you had an awesome day with your LSOH stuff. :D
  9. 捷克羅姆's Avatar
    You've got more presents than me. I'm feeling old.

    *Also feels flattered getting mentioned* I wished you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  10. Mintaka's Avatar
    Aw, thank you Jo :3
    Hope you had a good Christmas too ^_^
  11. MAGNEDETH's Avatar
    oh my god Jo, you are THE NEEDIEST PERSON...
    no im kidding, youre a doll. thanks and Merry Christmas!
  12. Netto Azure's Avatar

    But yeah sorry the Skype chat goes too fast for me at times so yeah. xDD
  13. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    I'm jealous of quite a few of your gifts. ;o;

    Belated Merry Christmas to you too, Jo. :D


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