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  1. Ace Attorney 6!

    Discovered this today while I was on tumblr!
    Official Ace Attorney tweet

    What's really interesting is that the game will not take place in Japan, but rather a mysterious country that seems to resemble Tibet/Nepal/Bhutan! Here's to hoping Maya will be back!

    On a more negative note, Capcom France made a statement about Dai Gyakuten Saiban/The Great Ace ...
  2. Watched a good TV show in ages.

    I just finished watching The World's Most Extreme Railways from the Australian Channel Seven - an episode in the World's Most Extreme series, and for the first time in ages, I enjoyed watching the telly (TV). Generally, I don't watch any TV at home, save for the evening news on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Sometimes, I can spend an entire week not watching anything.

    As I am a bit of a train nerd, this particular episode had me interested, and indeed, there were some really ...

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  3. XCD Shipping

    AmourShipping is the primary ship of XCD and I've hinted at ElectricBounceShipping as well, but I have two other pairings that will appear in the story. Whoever gets this question right about XCD first will get a private message that tells the other two pairs. Heads up, they are spoilers.

    Of the five Spawn Generals, which one is the only one that is directly based off a mythological creature?
  4. Tryin' To Shufflin'

    I downloaded Pokemon Shuffle last night following the release. My first impression was like, "Alright,it's awesome. Let's go for another ride," and I just couldn't stop playing it.

    Knowing this is the beginning of TPCi to release apps for smartphones (Which actually Jukebox got it first, but the system went VERY terrible), it rocks my mind as I'm dealing with those move limits and annoying block-outs. Not bad to kill my leisure time.

    Plus, I got both Mew and ...