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Synthesis of Ignorance

Where nothing is consistent

  1. This Is Kinda Disturbing

    For some reason, my email account (that I use for school) keeps getting sent these creepy ads for a dating site that lets me have sex with married women.

  2. This Is Bad D:

    I'm only able to fall asleep at, like, six in the morning, which means I keep waking up at one in the afternoon.

    Any suggestions on what I could to remedy this?
  3. Interesting Article I Just Read

  4. Okaaaaaayyy...

    Well, some more weird stuff, and this time it's cat-related again.

    So, I was on my way to one of my grandmas' house, and along the way, I found a stray cat. I felt especially bad for this one, 'cause it had one of its legs amputated.

    So when I delivered some goods to grandma, I asked her to put some food in a dish. She gave me some noodles and chicken. On the way back, I put some noodles out on a bounty tissue I took from her house for the cat. When I got home ...
  5. I Think I'm Taking After System Error

    'Cause I've been gradually losing the ability to sleep.

    Didn't get any winks at all last night. Hopefully, we can do something about it in time for school.
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