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  1. Hosting my first game (well, not started yet)

    Last summer holiday I was hooked onto a game called "Are You A Werewolf?" on a Taiwan website. After being active again on the forum, (for the Christmas lucky draw) I wanted to some day host the game here. However, I couldn't find a way to let the wolves to discuss without being discovered... until, "Murder in the Dark" and "WerewolfI: Bulbatown" started. I just want deadly to play that here! In the meantime, I discovered that the PM system aloud people to send the ...
  2. Finals

    The examination is finally coming, starting next Thursday (14th)...

    I have to study for the exam, so from the 11th onward, I will stay away from the evil computer that keeps distracting me. Sorry to my fans, and see you all two weeks later.

    ★☆★ Toby ☆★☆

    well, this seems more to be a notice than a blog, but whatever XD

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  3. ...1st one