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These boots were made for Pokewalkin'

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by , 25th March 2010 at 07:44 PM (376 Views)
Its been almost two weeks since the release of HeartGold (and SoulSilver) and I have to say the game is every bit as amazing as I had hoped. I could spend the next few hours describing in detail why I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread (which really isn’t that great to be honest, why do people still use this cliché?), but I’ll save you the pain and just say this: IT IS EPIC!

One thing I do have to bring up is the genius invention that is the Pokewalker. Yes, that pedometer you received with your game is one of the coolest little toys that I’ve seen in a long time. Its not just a pedometer, it a pedometer that’s also a mass transit device for Pokemon. How cool is that? Think about any situation, and how its is made so much better knowing you have a Pokemon in your pocket. Its just that awesome. Sitting in a Starbucks drinking tea is cool, but sitting in a Starbucks drinking tea with an Eevee is life changing. I like to have a way to play Pokemon when I really should be doing other things, like paying attention in Anatomy lecture. So far I have built up a ton of Watts thanks to a rather large college campus. Thankfully its warm out now, or I would feel foolish going for long walks. I also have use the trainer connect feature multiple times; Mostly with friends, but once with a complete stranger. I was sitting in class and saw the distinct red and white of a Pokeball. I then shamelessly asked if the young lady who owned it wanted to connect, much to the amusement of my classmates. For my troubles, I got a green shard…

Anyway, I really like that people seem to like Pokemon more openly now. At the midnight release there were about 40-50 people (which I made it to even though I had been suffering from a horrid stomach bug earlier that day. Such sad dedication…), most of whom were my age. Is it just nostalgia for them, or have they been closet Poke-fans all along? More of my friends bought HG/SS than any other Pokemon game since the days of Red and Blue. I like to think that Pokemon fever is still as much an epidemic as it was back then. Just like the old days, I hope they never find a cure.

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    I feel the same way:) I'm in college as well, and I bring my pokewalker to class everyday. It's so awesome to know my eevee is with me. The sad part is, I know nobody who likes pokemon. I'm all alone here:(


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