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Golden Boys (and Silver Girls?)

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First off: Yay first blog! I hope you enjoy my public displays of random text. I’m not living a super interesting life right now (its good enough for me though) so just bear with me here.

Anyway, I don’t know about you all, but I’m super excited about HeartGold’s fast approaching release. Now, I know we’ve all know about these games forever, but it seems to have just hit me when they announced the US release dates. Normally I don’t get excited about video games, and I’ve never even preordered a game before, but this is different. This is Pokemon! (In best Leonidas voice) Now, why is it that I’m so excited? I mean, these are the same games I played ten years ago, just with a fresh coat of paint and some free pedometer right? Well, sorta… See, I loved Gold when it first came out. There was so much to do, and at that age I really didn’t care that Kanto wasn’t “fully developed” or that the elite four’s Pokemon were leveled too low. I loved that the game knew what time it was and actually got dark at night. I liked how you would get calls from trainers, just so they could say “Hi!” (Although this got old. Fast). I liked going back to Kanto again and looking for the things that had changed, and most of all I liked the colors. Me, in my limited video game experience, was amazed by what Nintendo could fit onto a small little game card. It was a good game, and it did a lot to make you feel more immersed in the world. We’ve had two generations of pokemon games since then, and they have brought a lot to the table. I do think that none of them have brought as much as Gold and Silver did (Although you could argue Wi-Fi is a pretty big change too) Now when I go back and play Gold, I realize it hasn’t aged all that well. With the release of HeartGold, I will be able to play the game and still be amazed by its visuals like I was back then.

A lot of you might be reading this saying, “Wow, not another nostalgic fan boy!” Hear me out though. I know that the sense of wonder and excitement from my childhood is gone, and I won’t be playing these games to relive that. I’ve changed and grow up, and as much as it was nice to be a kid, I’m not one and no amount of anything (short of magic pixie dust!?!) will change that. I’m excited because these are good games, they were then and they will be now. Pokemon hasn’t changed much, if any, over the years (I’ll save that for another blog) so seeing as I like all the other games, I know I’m going to like this one. The familiar setting is fine by me, its like slipping into a good pair of shoes. It will be nice to escape to Johto again this March 14th. If you guys are excited too, then that’s great! See you around the GTS!

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  1. DCM's Avatar
    I would have laughed I'd you had said Golden Girls.


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