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Nothing can stay unchanged


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by , 1st June 2009 at 01:12 PM (326 Views)
Well, didnt get to battle anyone...... I hate time zones.

Ofcourse, I have an extended goal now. I plan to one day beat the whole IPGL, and be the IPL Champion.

But seriously, im really confused by all this IV EV stuff. Is an in-game team really that bad? I mean my whole team is ingame, and i also have no idea what EVs and IVs are.

Oh well.....

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  1. Blazevoir's Avatar
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    EVs are Effort Values that you get from defeating Pokémon. Different Pokémon give out different EVs for different stats (like Starly gives 1 Speed EV and Shinx gives 1 Attack EV). The total EVs are divided by 4 and added to your final stat total. The max EVs you can have in a stat us 255 (252 is divisible by 4) and total is 510.

    IVs are Individual Values. They affect the power and type of Hidden Power and can increase stats by up to 31. They range from 0-31. They are randomly determined and you can't change them.

    In-game teams aren't great because usually you don't spend time training in one particular stat like a competitive team.
  2. DCM's Avatar
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    Dude. No one has beaten us all yet.
  3. Blazevoir's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by DCM
    Dude. No one has beaten us all yet.
    Technically, it's not even possible until all the leaders are available for battle.
  4. DCM's Avatar
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    Shh. your logic is not needed
  5. Tina's Avatar
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    except it's kind of hard to batoru when I'm on a hiatus


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