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Nothing can stay unchanged

Even so, can you keep on loving this place?

  1. Its my Birthday!!!

    Yeah, August 14th. Today I'm 14!! Not that it really makes any difference. But I'm gettin closer to 18.

    So yeah, wish me if you want =P
  2. Can't wait for HG/SS ~ New Avatar

    The release for HeartGold and SoulSilver come closer and closer and I cant wait! I'll finally be able to explore Johto.

    And since the new art is out I made a new avatar for myself, featuring Typhlosion. Here it is:

    I think I've gotten pretty good at Photoshop
  3. So bored...

    So bored lately, not much to do except train my pokémon. And its getting pretty boring. But I cant wait for my friend to get here, so that we can do trading and battling and stuff. It'll be awesome!!

    And now is my chance for me to fill out my pokedex. Along with my Platinum I have a flashhcart with D/P/Pt on it. I can give myself virtually any pokemon with the use of pokesav, but i mainly plan on breeding them to avoid any hacked stuff.
  4. Things...

    Well, didnt get to battle anyone...... I hate time zones.

    Ofcourse, I have an extended goal now. I plan to one day beat the whole IPGL, and be the IPL Champion.

    But seriously, im really confused by all this IV EV stuff. Is an in-game team really that bad? I mean my whole team is ingame, and i also have no idea what EVs and IVs are.

    Oh well.....
  5. Some stuff

    Been stayin at my cousins place for a while now, and its awesome...

    They have wifi and all so ive been tryin to challenge MAGNEDETH at his gym. Uptill now that has proven unsuccessful. But im gonna be here for a while so i intend on challenging him.

    I got really mad a the GTS when I tried to do a trade. I coudnt ask for a pokemon i havent seen. Whats the point then??????? I dont care if its common knowledge, i just dont see the point then. I mean i really wanted a charmander.... ...
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