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Nothing can stay unchanged

Even so, can you keep on loving this place?

  1. My YouTube account, BlazakingX001, SUSPENDED

    Just like the title says folks. Today, on Friday, September 18th 2009, my second YouTube account (the first one being Blazaking), BlazakingX001, has been suspended and disabled.

    That means I can no longer upload videos and no one can watch previously uploaded ones. I'm 99% sure this happened because of copyright issues. Oh well. Time to start off again with my new account (previously a backup account), draze4blaze, named after my good friend's old account draze4anime.
  2. HGSS: Made it to the E4

    Well, I've made it. Now I just gotta defeat it. I've gotten up till Karen, where I lose...

    Dammit, if I had another DS, I would get my Platinum's team's butts to Johto so I can kick some E4 ass. They wouldn't stand a chance against a Lv 80-90 team...! Oh well...

    I guess I'm gonna go with the strategy Ryuu suggested and train in the E4 itself. I'll make it eventually.
  3. Yes! I recieved an infraction!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blazaking EX View Post
    I don't care what happens to me now but, THE ROMs ARE HERE!!!
    This post, in the Gold and Silver DS thread, got me 5 points worth of infraction. Of course, as you can see I said I didn't really care what would happen, but I guess I didn't expect to get an infraction right off the bat. Oh well... its just till December....

    Anywho, who likes my new avatar? Made it the minute I saw Red's and Charizard's sprites. They are ...

    Updated 12th September 2009 at 02:35 AM by Blazaking

  4. Join PokéFriends!

    DO YOU WISH TO DIE?!?!?!?!?!


    The blog entry that was previously here, has been deleted for personal reasons.
    Good day.

    Updated 30th August 2009 at 10:07 AM by Blazaking

  5. School is torture....

    One day, and I'm already sick of it. I mean here I am at 2:00 am, with none of my homework done, dreading 6:30 when I'll have to get up, change and then get into my totally destroyed van. Then I wait while being pushed around to re-enter the torture facility teachers and parents call "school". Yeah, it doesn't get better than this
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