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Nothing can stay unchanged


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So today.. I decided to download GIMP and see what its actually like... And well, all I have to say is that its pretty basic. It has some core features, but it lacks many of the things that Photoshop has.

First off, and the most apparent, Blending Effects. You know, Outer Glow, Drop Shadow, Stroke and all that jazz. And those are pretty useful when making banners... Though there must be some roundabout way of doing those. You also can't directly load Brushes. You have to manually paste them into its brush folder. But thats not so bad. What is really bad, is the fact that you have look for fonts manually. Thats right, you have to go the main font folder in your hard drive and take them from there. But it doesn't end there... GIMP couldn't even read most of my font files; not even the default Windows ones. Typing text is also terribly uncomfortable. I mean really... Windows Paint is more advanced than GIMP in that aspect. But I guess nothings perfect. Then again, GIMP is no where close. Atleast GIMP has layers with Layer Blending Effects, which is better than nothing. But layers are still really hard to work with in GIMP. And everything I paste something, I get a weird "Floating" layer... which doesn't seem to serve any purpose, since deleting it doesn't do anything.

Basically, GIMP is okay. Nothing really special. But if used properly, I guess you can make some pretty cool stuff. Take Chocolate Bones' stuff for example. As for me, I'll be sticking with Photoshop. Oh, and if any of you want to see what I managed on my first try on GIMP, then here.

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  1. Soulweaver's Avatar
    Add to that the hard-to-learn menus, different keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-D must deselect, not create a duplicate image!) and the terrible loading time (just checked with the newest version of GIMP Portable from, it took 63 seconds to start up, without any added plugins, while Photoshop CS5 Extended took 19 seconds).
  2. Lawnmowergirl's Avatar
    I'm pretty used to GIMP (I've never used Photoshop before), so I suppose I must be fairly used to its...occasionally frustrating aspects. But it's pretty damn good for a free program. :P
  3. Blazaking's Avatar
    Well, I didn't exactly pay for my Photoshop CS2 either. :P
  4. immewnity's Avatar
    Paint.NET is amazing with a few extentions.
  5. Soulweaver's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by immewnity
    Paint.NET is amazing with a few extentions.
    I used it for a year. Its lack of vector layers (text, shapes, etc. that are editable after they have been defined) is one of the most apparent areas it fails. And the fact that the PDN format is structured in a way that making plugins for other applications for opening those files is impossible (or at least I've heard that; there isn't a PDN plugin for Photoshop at least.

    And, heh, my CS5 isn't quite legitimate either ^^


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