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Nothing can stay unchanged

Exam results...

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Yeah, so today I went and got all of my exam marks except Maths and Islamiat. I'll probably get those tomorrow.

Anyway, here they are:

English: 84% - These are the highest marks in my class (Actually 83.5 but my teacher decided to just give me .5)

Science: 92.5%

History: 77%

Geography: 36% (Yes, I failed)

Urdu: 34.5% (Yes, another failure)

So yeah, there they are. Geography was crazy hard this term for me and I suck at Urdu anyway. It'll be nice to be back in America where its just extra-credit.

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  1. *Leeney*'s Avatar
    I never knew you can get in the 30's as a grade. Usually in my school if you get that they give you a 55, if you show up often. If you don't show up they just give you a 40.


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