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  1. in which i pimp a charity

    by , 24th June 2009 at 12:28 AM

    ^They're doing a complete playthrough of Red, Blue (done already), Gold, Silver, Ruby, and Sapphire. All in one sitting.

    It's for Child's Play, a charity that helps children in hospital. Please consider donating. I would if I weren't, you know, fourteen. :P

    by , 22nd June 2009 at 11:59 PM
    I've been breeding a small army of Eevees in LG to Pal Park over to Diamond once I finally complete the Sinnoh Dex. 8V I'm still surprised I managed to beat the Elite Four, even if it was by pure fluke. I had stayed up to 4:30 AM to beat them, which makes me feel like such a loser.

    The only Pokemon I'm missing from the Sinnoh Dex are Finneon, Lumineon, Wormadam, Uxie and Azelf. I've been trying to catch Azelf for the longest time but I always manage to fail no matter the method. :( ...
  3. in which i reflect

    by , 10th June 2009 at 02:50 PM
    School's over!...Well, not exactly, since I have to take finals tomorrow, but today was our last real day.

    I'm already done with my freshman year of high school. The time went by so quickly, it's unbelievable. I still remember feeling so awkward on the first day because I had transferred from public to private school. I feel kind of old even though I'm only fourteen. :/

    In other news, Silver's new art made me go 'wut.' Cue the flood of new Roark/Mars shippers. :P
  4. in which i am emo

    by , 8th June 2009 at 12:11 PM
    I failed my Latin quiz. ;_; I'm so sad because I thought I had this stuff mastered, but as it turns out, I was adding an unnecessary 'v' onto the endings of verbs that weren't a part of the standard third principle part. [/geek] In other words, I'm beyond the normal level of stupid.

    Don't even get me started on my final. Gah, I can't wait to just take this thing and get it over with so that summer can come.

    Four more days of agony. :(
  5. in which i kind of angst

    by , 6th June 2009 at 08:08 PM
    I finally got Platinum today! Yay! I’m probably going to go with Chimchar this time, since I have Empoleon in Diamond and I strongly dislike Torterra. :/

    I’m glad that I can catch Giratina, but at the same time, I really want Darkrai. I can’t/don’t want to get an Action Replay, and there isn’t any other way for me to get one (New Jersey for the lose).

    Such is the plight of someone who lives in Hicktown.
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