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5 Years Time

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Today marks 5 years since I first became a member here. Would never have thought I'd still be here 6 months later, let alone 5 years but alas here I am, and recently modded too

I'm not gonna drag this out or do mentions because i've met too many nice people here to possibly tag over the years so I guess just thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome and wanted!

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  1. Ebail's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary Hayley! you're never gonna leave
  2. Water Max's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary CrackFox!
  3. Bouffalant Herdier's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  4. Beck's Avatar
    That's awesome! Congratulations, CrackFox!
  5. Life's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!!
  6. Phoenixon's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!! How did you put those pics on the right?
  7. CrackFox's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenixon;
    Happy Bulbaversary!! How did you put those pics on the right?
    Click on 'Blog Settings' then on the menu to the left find the option 'organise sidebar' then click 'add custom block' (top right) from there you can add text and pictures etc. Might take a while to get looking the way you want it, took me quite a while. Especially when it came to making the gifs fit etc.
  8. Chibster's Avatar
    Happy bulbaversary! :D


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