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  1. I ♥ you, Kamon

    ...Or whatever you named him. ;D

    The part where he strips the TR costume off you is pure love ♥ Also the part where he pushes Clair away and tells you you're on his side. (• u -)~♥ (I kinda hoped, even though it will never be, that Lance would be my partner...)

    Oh, Kamon...

    I'm currently training in Mt.Silver, double battle with Lance and Clair, literally, is the most ...

    Updated 30th March 2010 at 10:56 PM by maikyuu

  2. My SS journey

    Cutting my beginning journeys short. ^^

    -Kept soft-resetting until I got the Totodile I wanted.
    -Named rival Kamon and my Totodile got him good.
    -Falkner was a breeze and so was Bugsy, though, his U-Turn was annoying. Beat Kamon again, my team was always a couple lvls higher than the Gym leaders.
    -Made Raikou and Entei paralyzed, but they keep fleeing. I'll catch 'em later. They always appear when I least expected them...
    -I lol'd when Kamon stripped my ...
  3. Kinda late...

    Like 4 days, maybe? Since the release of HG/SS!! (Which by the way, is soo nostalgic and I just love it ♥)

    My brothers and I went to go pick up our pre-ordered HG/SS on Sunday. I took some pictures of it, and I also bought a strategy guide, too. (I love the design and so many colorful pages, its awesome! Which is probably why I like buying them.)



    We started playing it immediately, well, after reading the instruction ...
  4. WIP!

    Gonna lineart it now, and I gotta redo the meme I posted up yesterday, too. So, I'll probably post it here...again, or something. (ô _ ô)'

    I like how I drew Lucario... LOL, he looks COOL~!!

    Well, gotta go for now, see you!! ♥

    Updated 4th March 2010 at 06:44 PM by maikyuu

  5. PBF Meme

    I wanted to get out of this art block phase, so I dl lots of templates to help me out (like the one I'm about to show you.). I didn't seem to notice the "pokemon meme" at the top so naturally, I thought this meme was for the trainer itself. I noticed, as I drew along, that "species" and "strongest move" was kinda odd to ask a trainer...and it wasn't until the last question, that it hit me. This meme is for the pokemon!!! LOL.

    bigger version here

    Updated 4th March 2010 at 01:52 AM by maikyuu

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