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Oh my, would you look at this little thing.

Growlithe, Moltres, what're you doing in Pokemon Conquest? You're not in that game you silly things.

But yeah, apparently these pictures are in Conquest's code, left over from way back in the alpha/beta versions. I'm certain there are people that haven't seen these, so just throwing them up there. I found these on The Cutting Room Floor wiki (Basically a wiki that covers unused things in video games), in case you were wondering. It's a reliable source as far as I know, so it's most likely legitimate. There's also unused text about things ranging from Brock to Archer to Maxie to Saturn to Poke Balls and Escape Ropes. The link is Pokémon Conquest/Unused Text - The Cutting Room Floor by the way.

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  1. Karisse's Avatar
    CURSES! I hate it when things like this are cut out of games! D: I guess I can understand cutting out items and references to other characters, but why Moltres and Growlithe? >_<
  2. MrC's Avatar
    I always liked Articuno better than Moltres, so I don't really care about Moltres, but why Growlithe and Arcanine? Also, I just noticed that Mitsuhide's armor looks different than it does in the final version. Either it's just me, or it's because he originally had Moltres, before Game Freak gave him Articuno instead.


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