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  1. So, I Found a Shiny.

    It was a Torkoal, of all things. Ah well, at least I know NOT to trade away/delete Shinies now. (Traded Shiny Shinx in Platinum for something that probably wasn't even good, deleted my Sapphire save with a Shiny Wailmer on it, probably forgot to Pal Park it)
  2. X Team

    UPDATE: 11/6/13

    Loptyr - Level 82 Salamence (Item: Dragon Fang)

    Sassy nature, takes plenty of siestas (Abilty: Intimidate, captured at Level 14 on Route 8)

    Dragon Claw
    Stone Edge

    [No nickname] - Level 89 Alakazam (Item: Mind Plate)

    Lax nature, somewhat stubborn (Ability: Synchronize, OT: Dorian, apparently captured at Level 10 on Route 5)

    Recover (May replace)
    Dazzling Gleam ...

    Updated 10th November 2013 at 01:08 PM by MrC

  3. So I was browsing The Cutting Room Floor again.

    And I found some interesting things related to Kirby's Return to Dream Land.

    ...A Super Spark ability...

    ...And a Super Cutter ability.

    Both abilities are unused in-game, and have no data other than ability stars and, in the case of Super Cutter, a HUD icon and a hat model. I do have a theory for ...
  4. Hm.

    Oh my, would you look at this little thing.

    Growlithe, Moltres, what're you doing in Pokemon Conquest? You're not in that game you silly things.

    But yeah, apparently these pictures are in Conquest's code, left over from way back in the alpha/beta versions. I'm certain there are people that haven't seen these, so just throwing them up there. I found these on The Cutting Room Floor wiki (Basically a wiki ...
  5. My Current Black 2 Party

    Alright, I'm bored out of my mind, so I'm just going to throw my Black 2 Party up here. Quite underleveled for the postgame, I know.

    Aspirin the Level 58 Golduck (Female)

    Careful and Very Finicky, with a Mystic Water

    Zen Headbutt

    A Level 58 Terrakion whom I plan to name Porthos

    Jolly and Somewhat Stubborn, with a Black Belt

    Stone Edge
    Sacred Sword
    Strength ...
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