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foreign languages

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by , 2nd March 2010 at 06:47 PM (579 Views)
何を話すか。(eh, close enough....)

Wie viele sprechen Sie?

¿Cuántos habla?

How many do you speak?

I know English, enough Spanish to get by, and a little German. Yeah, I'm boring. No Japanese. And yes, I used a translator for that part.

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  1. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
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    Besides , including Latin and Afrikaans), I can understand a little of

    Japanese (verbal only, working on reading it)
    And a few I'm probably missing.

    And can mostly speak or speak

  2. Steven's Avatar
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    English was my first language. I, like you, know more Spanish than the average person walking down the street. I can understand Japanese somewhat, and I can write it, but only in romaji.
  3. Soulweaver's Avatar
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    Three to five, depending on how you look at it.

    Finnish is my native language, thus I don't count it in the lowest number. - Suomi on äidinkieleni enkä siksi laske sitä mukaan matalimpaan lukuun.
    English is my strongest foreign language.
    I can also speak German. - Ich kann auch Deutsch sprechen.
    And all Finns must also study Swedish. - Och alla finländare måste också studera svenska.
    I study Estonian language. - Ma õpin eesti keelt.

    I also know some random words in Japanese, Spanish and French.
  4. NyaChan's Avatar
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    My native language is English, and I'm studying Japanese now (日本語を勉強しています).

    I used to take spanish in high school, but I didn't give a damn about the language and didn't see myself using it so I promptly forgot it all. xD

    ps: only way I'm sure on how to fix the sentence is make it "何語を話しますか。" or "何語を分かりますか。", not sure on how to make it "how many languages...", those are all "what language do you speak/understand?".
  5. Mijzelffan's Avatar
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    Hoeveel talen spreek jij?

    I know Dutch (native) and English very well, and currently have German and Latin as subjects in school too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarcastically Insane
    That's a lot like Dutch right? Only it sounds a bit more childish (At least it does when you know Dutch).
  6. Haruhist's Avatar
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    Neljää tai viittä kieltä.
    Äidinkieleni on suomi ja lisäksi osaan puhua englantia sujuvasti (luullakseni...) ja jonkin verran saksaa ja hieman ruotsia. Opiskelin yläasteella kaksi vuotta kiinaa ja osaan muutamia perusasioita kieliopista ja muutamia fraaseja.

    And the same translated.

    Four or five languages.
    My first language is Finnish and in addition I can speak English fluently (I suppose...), German to some extent and some Swedish. I studied Chinese in the middle school for two years and I know some basic things about the grammar and a few phrases.


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