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Thank God for Sailor Moon

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by , 24th July 2011 at 11:00 AM (565 Views)
One has to recognize Sailor Moon's massive impact on American anime fandom. Hers was the first show that managed to draw in a measurable audience of real, live girls, who became genuinely hardcore fans thanks to shows like Rurouni Kenshin and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Which led, by a long and twisted trail, to a number of fanboys unexpectedly finding a way to lose their virginities at conventions some years down the line. They may not quite know it, but they owe you one, Sailor Moon.
The above is true. I have met a total of two hardcore anime girls that live remotely near me (in the middle of nowhere, Indiana), and both of them said their first anime was Sailor Moon. One of the girls is a cosplayer, and the only person, female or not, who can keep up with me in full-on otaku mode. The other is my sister-by-proxy, one of the few people I can talk openly about anything with.

Sailor Moon, thank you (sidenote: despite what parts of this particular blog may imply, I'm still a virgin.)

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    Hooray for Sailor Moon, that anime will always be my favorite, its kickass.
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