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Oof... Sleep

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by , 9th July 2011 at 09:48 AM (205 Views)
I just slept Turpin a huge amount of stuff I was apparently supposed to go through his morning because I was up until three last night. One of those things was breakfast.

Anyway, this conference is awesome for gettin prepared to head out to Taiwan, or any country, really. There's a ton of stuff to do everywhere and a bunch of people to talk to. And nightly parties hosted by the club. Creauuu.

Anyway, I leave for Taiwan in like a month and a half. I can't wait, though I'll miss some things like here and the timesink... As little English as possible, so I won't be around here much, if at all.

SaIn out for now. My blogs once I leave will probably be more anecdotes, though I don't party often, as was implied in my last blog's title (which you should check out for the hilarious stories from yesterday that I cold remember) Creau (seriously, it's an awesome song to dance to, even if I have no idea what their saying.)

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