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I just found out that both my principal and vice-principal are sick (as in, REALLY sick), thanks to knowing both of them personally. I and found out their "sub". My school's crazy seventh grade Social Studies teacher bitch.

This won't be pretty.

Why? If you say "Ghandi" around her and it isn't in the sentence "Ghandi is a holy, awesome, pwnage-inducing god", she tries to get you detention (paraphrased). No shit. I literally said, "Ghandi isn't THAT amazing, Ms. X," and she tried to get me expelled. I wasn't even in her class! And that isn't even her biggest flaw. She's ADD, OCD, and if someone referenced the number 42 or Comedy Central, she goes crazy. She's touchy as hell, and her list of rules changes with her mood, which is 50% grouchy and 50% PMDish. Why the hell is she the third person in line for principality(?)?

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  1. Knight of Day's Avatar
    Wow, I'd come to school in a bullet proof everything.....
  2. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
    I'd be called a terrorist, probably T.T
  3. Sublime's Avatar
    LMAO couldn't have gotten a worse sub if you asked for one imo
  4. Sarcastically Insane's Avatar
    ... have you seen my blogs on previous, non-principal subs?

    This one might still be the worst, though.
  5. System Error's Avatar
    Watch Clone High during class IMO.


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