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Sarcasm and General Insanity

Yes, people. I am sarcastic. And insane, but aren't we all? Just in case, don't tell the psychologist. He doesn't like me after the pyromania incident...

Anyway, hitherto, there shall be no comment that shan't be sarcastic or insane unless stated otherwise in my blog. The main reason I write these is for venting with shittons of swearing entertainment. And when I'm mindfucked and can't focus.

  1. Thank God for Sailor Moon

    One has to recognize Sailor Moon's massive impact on American anime fandom. Hers was the first show that managed to draw in a measurable audience of real, live girls, who became genuinely hardcore fans thanks to shows like Rurouni Kenshin and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Which led, by a long and twisted trail, to a number of fanboys unexpectedly finding a way to lose their virginities at conventions some years down the line. They may not quite know it, but they owe you one, Sailor Moon.
  2. The first thing I see when I get on for a while is a bandwagon. Why not?

    1. Last beverage: Apple juice
    2. Last phone call: Oh hell... I don't remember. I don't use my phone a lot.
    3. Last text message: See above.
    4. Last song you listened to: It was... Tell Me? By Story of the Year. Or maybe something by OneRepublic...
    5. Last time you cried: I don't remember the specific, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with one of my parents flipping out.
    Have you ever:

    6. Dated someone twice: No.
    7. Been cheated ...
  3. It amazes me how some people can be consistently wrong and still be so self-righteous

    Especially in a single argument. Both of my parents do nothing but talk in circles, getting themselves proved wrong multiple times on every part of the conversation, back up their side with nothing but 'because', and make blatantly idiodic and false statements and still think they win every argument they get into.

    Case in point: I just argued for thirty minutes with my dad about the fact that it's physically impossible for me to get Life Scout rank before I leave for Taiwan. I pointed ...
  4. Woah, anime-style nosebleeds are real?!

    Apparently. I was in a chatroom with the other Exchange students to/from Taiwan, and one of the girls that went last year told the girls going this year that a bikini wasn't the best idea for swim class. She actually gave a guy a nosebleed O,o That's crazy.
  5. Oof... Sleep

    I just slept Turpin a huge amount of stuff I was apparently supposed to go through his morning because I was up until three last night. One of those things was breakfast.

    Anyway, this conference is awesome for gettin prepared to head out to Taiwan, or any country, really. There's a ton of stuff to do everywhere and a bunch of people to talk to. And nightly parties hosted by the club. Creauuu.

    Anyway, I leave for Taiwan in like a month and a half. I can't wait, though ...
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