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Life as a Mafioso

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As many of you know I used to be the Deputy (and later acting head) of the War Room section of the forums. I held this position and took it seriously for one reason. I love mafia. After last October and my departure from the staff, I had nearly lost that love for the game. I rekindled it to a degree at Christmas time when I managed to manipulate an entire group of players into killing themselves. That was awesome.

Speaking of which...

@Flame_; circa TWR Mafia 1, "Why on earth the godfather claimed cop is beyond me"

Flash forward to Christmas 2011 and I did just that. To him. Oh, irony.

Anyways, recently I've decided to get back into mafia. I re-read most of my favorite games that I've played here and have begun the process of rekindling. Looking back on how I used to play and how fun it was, and seeing @Phoenicks; and I kicking ass together... well, I miss it. I kinda miss Nick from back when we used to get along.

*sigh* Either way, I'm definitely getting back into the game now, since it seems I was missed. A lot has changed in TWR and not all of it for good. I'm going to aim to try to get it back where it used to be. It'll be interesting since I'm not in charge anymore, but I still love the game and the section and I'm looking forward to enjoying the hell out of myself for the next several months. TWR Mafia 4 baby!

Oh, and I'm creating my own mafia game again. It's called Mafia of the Mages. It's basically Wizard Mafia. Should be fun.

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  1. Exor's Avatar
    The Wizard mafia sounds fun. I'll probably join that. :3

  2. Zima's Avatar
    Ooh... I will definitely be joining that!

    /joins just about every mafia game


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