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  1. Softball/Job Offer/Summer

    So my team had it's fourth game in my fast-pitch league tonight. And I hit my first triple this year!

    For those who don't know, hitting a triple is pretty tough in softball because the field is so small so there often isn't enough time to make it to third before the outfielders get the ball back into the infield.

    But tonight, we played on a field with no fence. And I'm kind of small (I'm a second baseman), so it was really cool when I hit a long bomb tonight over ...
  2. So I Officially Hate Being a Waitress!


    So I'm a waitress at a semi-fancy (the waitresses have to wear tuxedo shirts and black pants, bow-ties, etc.) restaurant, and I'm beginning to hate my job.

    I hate when customers treat servers like absolute shit.

    Okay here's the scenario:

    This one couple came in during the busiest time of night.

    I had already cleaned the table they were seated at, but didn't have a chance to get silverware down yet.