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Party hats everywhere

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by , 19th September 2011 at 03:06 PM (178 Views)
:O Blogging about your Bday for reals you attention whore, well no some how whatever.
Got a shampoo as a gift form my mom :| <--- my face, but then I went like this :D because my
care for these kinda things broke long ago.
Yup that's kinda things happen if you get disappointed every year, but these gifts are filled with
good intentions so I like em.

So what now I am not as much online as before, I blame school an PO <----- I chuckle every time I send
Stunfisk out, I laugh my ass of if it managed to beat something, I start to ROFL when a person forfeits after Stunfisk takes one poke down.

Other things that keep me busy, school school school school school :0.
Well I gotta finish this year so gotta focus on that.

But I wanted to do a game in the war room, yup still want to do that but I think I will
first go with a more simplified version of what I had in mind first.

Okay that's almost all the rambling

Girl I blogged about still love her but I daudt I would be the one for her, so I think
that confessing to her would make her laugh and bring up that her bf is way better then me.

That's all for now

~~~# Mario out.

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