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mario's adventure in dreamland

  1. Dreaming about Brock

    yeah i had a dream about Brock he was holding me in his strong arms my heart pounded when his face was really close.

    no that did not happen Brock was in the beginning of my dream helping people, but later on in the dream, he started locking them up in trees, only their faces and arms were sticking out of the tree.
    Brock then released human-flesh eating tarantula on the trees, the people who he trapped were ofcourse horrified but before i could witness them getting eating the ...

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    mario's adventure in dreamland
  2. wtf i am dreaming about now? tldr; something for the dutch en vlaamse mens

    last night i was dreaming, about a dictatorship yeah the Netherlands somehow, changed int a dictatorship but enough about that lets go too the action before i forget even more about the dream.

    the start of the dream

    We need to infiltrate their base, i don't know why but it needs to happen, we decide to climb over the fence of their base, we go to their base a the meeting point which is located where a caravan stood between a couple of tree's near the fence.
    The ...

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    mario's adventure in dreamland