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Random numbers you say, no not quite that those numbers are the amount steps that have taken with my pokéwalker.
Yup nowadays the only thing that I do with the pokemon fandom is using the pokéwalker everyday, it is always with me when I travel now I have a little machop locked up in there, he's having a fun time with his 9999 watts, because I have all the routes unlocked already so why send him back, for the items that I can't take to the next generation ?

Note that I don't really play black as much as I used to play it everyday, but now I don't even grab my ds to play a single game :/.
Indeed my interest went for pokémon when down somewhat.

The same has happened to mafia games and bulbagarden, I just don't feel it anymore still I like to read the BCCT, and read the blogs. I think since my vacation and that I fell in love has made me somewhat of a sulking person.Although the lack of time could also be the cause of this but I don't think so was the whole day of and still didn't do a thing on bulbagarden.

Well to repeat the thing that I had the last time I posted about the amount of steps, What's your amount of steps on your pokéwalker or have you already abandoned that thing ? Like all other things we abandon when something newer and shinier comes around <-- No nostalgia just questioning the world that is driven by consuming and if that is how things should be, instead of humans that want the expand their wings and fly higher just because they want to not to make more profit.

Sorry for this boring blog-

Mario out.

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  1. Ferbgor's Avatar
    I abandoned mine two months ago. My total steps are: 2135811.


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